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The campaign is over! Throughout the event, Bike Cafe sold 1218 coffees in blue cups. Thanks to this, Macopedia donated 2,500 PLN to the Hackers project, as well as equipment adapted for learning.

Didn't manage to visit Bike Cafe, but still want to help? Check out how to do it!

Programmers' day

Did you know that Tuesday, September 13th, is Programmers' Day? To celebrate this day, from Saturday to Tuesday (or until stocks last), for every blue cup filled with coffee, Macopedia is donating 2 PLN to a foundation supporting digitally excluded children.

Zdjęcie kubka

How does this coffee support passion?

As Macopedia, we want to help develop the passions of children who have limited access to technology, so:

For every drink sold by Bike Cafe in blue cups, we will donate PLN 2 to the Hakers project.

In addition, Hakers will donate equipment tailored to the language needs of Ukrainian children.

BikeCafe sells drinks in our cups in selected locations in Poznan (Lake Rusałka; Cytadela Park, Rosarium; Freedom Square; Lasek Marceliński; and in Krakow (Wawel, Polish Pilots Park, Polish Aviation Museum).

The Sarigato Foundation will allocate the funds to the Hackers project, which is to support children who do not have access to technology, or to other projects it runs.

Check out how even more you can help them.

Do you know why 2⁸ matters?

Since computers work with binary numbers, all powers of 2 have meaning. 8-bit numbers are capable of representing 256 (2⁸) different values, enough for all the characters of the English language and some additional ones. This principle is one of the foundations of computer science and that is why Programmers' Day is celebrated on the 256th day of the year.

Who are we?

Macopedia is 80 people who are passionate about the world of technology. We are a technology partner and software developer providing solutions from e-commerce to warehousing. In the simplest terms, we develop websites, online stores and various IT systems.

We work on such technologies as: Akeneo, Shopware, Adobe Commerce (Magento), TYPO3, Sylius i Odoo.

Is technology your passion too?